Bank’s social network is a new kind of banking and an innovational banking product based on Web 2 and social networks which gets designed and implemented based on many easy interactions between customers and bank with each other, redefining the meaning the content of a bank (including employees, customers, credit, capital, guarantee, reference, loan, capital and …) according to the concepts of social networks, complete utilizing of cyberspace and a strong emphasis on cooperation between members and sharing in decision-making and etc.

Bank’s social network with the financial social network is actually a combination of Virtual-banking operations and social networks in order to use the potential and information of social networks to create a new and innovative platform aimed at redefining traditional concepts and definitions among financial institutions, customers and financial relations in the social networking space.

On the one hand with access to some of the information of the user in the virtual social network and on the other hand with access to the possibility of financial transactions of the user in the bank, creates a new space where the physical concepts of banking such as credit, virtual money, collateral, guarantees, customer loyalty, financial communities and many more are redefined for and used in a different way by the users according to the communications and information available in the social networks.

One of the important features of this infrastructure is Crowd Funding. By proving this platform, the users of this network can participate in the financing of the projects. In this platform and based on the specified criteria in the rating section, users can benefit from financial participation and successful performance of projects by the operators. User can increase his/her credit by profiting in banking, social networking and financing fields and benefit from it on new projects or financing new projects in the future.

By presenting this product, new business opportunities are provided. Some of these opportunities are:

Beneficiaries of this system are banks, customers of banks, users of social networks, owners of ideas as hosts and project sponsors.